Writer's Block: Time sink
New Faded Orange
When you're bored at work, home, or school, do you have any guilty habits to pass the time, like reading up on celebrity gossip, non-creative gaming, scanning classifieds/personals, or watching bad TV re-runs?

Oh god.... I watch bad TV re runs, One Tree Hill (What, Dan was a bad man again?), The Gilmore Girls (can anyone ever have a normal/intelligent convo on this show?), Veronica Mars (Get the bad people, again!) and bum around on these hideous social networking sites..... But my absolute favourite time wasting bit of pleasurable guiltiness is..... reading fanfiction!!! Can't help it! I love it. 

Mitch and Bone
New Faded
 I'm not normally one to bitch and moan about how shitty I feel, or feeling blue.... But I think today I need to get this off my chest. For the last week or so I feel like I have been walking around in a haze or fog... something like that, anyways.... I'm exhausted, in near constant pain... totally fed up of being prodded and poked, looking for jobs, going out on interviews, calling the agencies just to remind them that I'm still around etc. Although I don't have to look for work any more now, as I have a new job starting tomorrow! The exhaustion and pain, I can almost suck it up... Almost!!

The biggest part that's getting me down, is that I'm STARTING A NEW JOB tomorrow. I just don't want to do it! I've worked so hard to get this job too, one that fits in with my other work commitments. Now I've got it, I feel.... swamped.... smothered... restrained, stressed, tired, pressured and just feckin miserable. I'm not looking forward to this at all!

I'm sure once I get this first week out of the way, I'll be fine, but to be honest with you, how I feel today, won't be how I will feel in a few days or even next weekend. Just for right now though, I don't want it. Work! I don't want this job with the crazy arsed Mother and the kids that have no discipline. I don't want to start, again, from scratch and work on manners, responsibilities, being respectful and blah blah blah, these kids are kinda wild. It's all too much effort...... and... AND, I think I have a cold starting up.... Fun! 

I want to bury my head under a rock and not come out for a month or two..... hibernating sounds like a good idea just now now.... A really fucking good idea!

My Best Friend
New Faded Orange

Friends 'til the End

I'm talking about a friend of mine,
I wonder if there's much more time.
She saved me from my innocence
And straddling that splintery fence.

Do you remember when we got stoned?
Always together and never alone.
You'd talk my ear off with all your strife,
Only to tell me you had a knife.

I drove for miles to rescue you,
And I hated you for what you'd do,
But loved you more then you loved yourself,
Thought that I could save your mental health.

Don't laugh at me,
It sounds so dead,
The drugs burned holes
In your pretty head,
Those lonely eyes
Where everything lies.
Stop looking at me
I can't stand what I see.

Then that special friend came along,
She trapped you with her silvery tongue,
It was 18 months before you saw,
She was your pimp and you her whore.

I couldn't help but feel sick inside,
She'd slice her arms and then she'd hide.
You thought that you could save her from
The nightmare you had both become.

Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll,
My best friend they all stole.
My heart hurts now it's near the end,
I'll always love her, she's my friend.

Don't laugh at me,
It sounds so dead,
The drugs burned holes
In your pretty head,
Those lonely eyes
Where everything lies.
Stop looking at me,
As our friendship dies.....

This Song was about a very very very good friend of mine. She wasted a huge part of her life on drugs, booze and crazy women. She's now kicked the addictions, well, mostly. She works a steady job, has put herself through school and she truly is an amazing person, she has changed SOOoooo much since I wrote this. I'm proud of her, lol, and she knows it too. She does still go after the crazy women though... Nutter!! It's still better than all the other crazy shite she has lived through. AAaaaawww Man.... I love my bestest friend! lol.

Jumping Jellybeans
New Faded Orange
 Jumping jellybeans... the world seems to be going all crazy, like, all around me... or maybe it's only online! I think I should go crawl under my duvet and hide!! Or sit back and enjoy the ride..... can't decide which....

Writer's Block: Mobile etiquette
New Faded Orange
Do you get offended if someone repeatedly checks their mobile phone when you're out for lunch or dinner? If so, do you usually say something?

Yes, I get offended. It's rude! Manners don't cost a penny. One of my best friends is easily distracted by her mobile phone. She places it on the table beside her cutlery and picks it up every 2-3mins to just check it's still working. It infuriates me, as she has more interest in her phone than keeping up with the conversation in front of her. She does this with everyone, her kids, parents, partner, work colleagues and friends alike. I have taken to throwing it across the room too. Or I've had to confiscate it, turn it off (or on to silent mode) and give it back to her at the end of the evening. Pisses me right off..... 
If you make time to spend with someone, show you're interested in being with them, and not in the next bit of drama coming from some crazed ex lover, ex husband, friend, random from off the street..... GRRRRrrrrrr

Pardon? You're kidding?? Right???
 Jaaaayzarse! What the fuck is wrong with some people???? I just called a prospective job, so the employer could brief me about what the job entailed. Just in case the job spec' was not something I was not looking for. This should have taken no more then about 10mins. It's a nanny job! Not a position to be a rocket scientist!! She just held a FULL BLOWN job interview, over the freakin' phone.... On MY dime!!! For a NANNY..... Fucking hell.. I would not dream of employing someone to care for my kids after just a phone call! And the nerve of having the prospective employee PAY for the call! Mobile phone usage ain't cheap, especially if your minutes allowance isn't a huge one! 50mins later... I am FUMING!! What a fruit cake!!


It's all about ME... baby!
New Faded Orange
Some little nuggets about me.... If you wanna know that is... :P

1) Your name: Genevieve or Gen but NEVER Genny/Jenny! EVER!!
2) Location: Home.... Somewhere in Surrey, UK
3) Age: 35
4) Job: Nanny,photographer,artist,singer and dreamer
5) Horoscope sign: Taurus
6) Eye color: Green with amber flecks...
7) Original hair colour: Dark blonde
8) Current hair colour: Strawberry blonde.... Or Gingery Blonde
9) Smoker: No
10) Favorite food: Steak, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Cereal, Smoked Salmon
11) Favorite ice cream flavor: Caramel Swirl, Pralines and Cream
12) Favorite drink or beverage: Tea (milk no sugar... please), AJ, Cranberry Juice
13) Favorite restaurant: Red Peppers, Friends Kitchens, 
14) Favorite color: Green, orange, blue, green and def' not pink!
15) Favorite actor: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, James Mcavoy, Ben Barnes, James Stewart, Hugh Laurie, Simon Peg
16) Favorite actress: Franke Portenta, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, Dame Judie Dench, 
17) Favorite TV Show: Supernatural, Being Human, NCIS: Los Angeles, Legend of the Seeker, any kind of cooking show
18) Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz, Push, Dogma, Wanted, Harvey, Equilibrium 
19) Favorite song: Weird by Hanson, St Theresa by Joan Osbourne, Jupiter by Jewel, Grounds for Divorce by Elbow, Yellow by Coldplay
20) Favorite musician or group: Paolo Nutini, Florence and the Machine, Pearl and the Puppets, Sheryl Crowe, Alanis Morissette, Reef, SOAD, Ben Parker, Keane, 
21) Favorite animal: Tigers, Dogs, Cats, the usual fluffy critters
22) Favorite subject: English, Photography, Music, Art
23) What are you listening to right now: The TV!! 
24) Day or Night? Night
25) Summer or winter? I'm a Spring and Autumn chic!
26) Beatles or Elvis? Beatles all the way
27) What brings you the most joy: Art, Photography, Friends, Music
28) What’s your greatest fear: Dying when I've got soooo much I still want to do! Small spaces!
29) Who/where do you go to for advice: My Mum and dad, Friends and Family.
30) One word that describes you best: Odd!

New Faded Orange
 Looking for work... but really I'm just looking at all the hot eye candy on TV.... Oh what a shamefully beautiful waste of time... He he he.. loving it!

Disappionted/Cooler Than Cool (lyrics)
New Faded Orange
These are lyrics I wrote about 18months ago, weirdly I got the inspiration from watching the interaction of a couple people on TV show and a little bit of my own life mixed in there... Of course.... lol..... 


Oh.... Be warned... Use of the 'F' word!

Lyrics in here!!!Collapse )

Silly Cat
New Faded Orange
Why post this? Well, because my cat (kitten still) makes me laugh. He wants nothing more than to friends with everyone and evrything but lacks the social skills to accomplish this.... he's a little... Speshal! He he he.... So i figured.. what the hell... Put the Pretty Silly Kitty up here for all to see... He he he he...

 Silly Cat!!


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